Manage as many properties as you like

Centenant online property management Platform - Manage Properties

From the property panel you get an overview of all your properties and with one click you can view rent or maintenance issues on all the units of a specific property.

Ability to add multiple units to a property

On the units page you can manage all units or just of a specific property. From here you have access to the tenant information, rent information, maintenance problems and notes.

The monthly subscription to Centenant is based on the amount of active Units / Leases you have. This means you don't have to renew subscriptions for vacant units where no revenue is earned.

Centenant online property management paltform - Manage Units

Keep track of all paid and outstanding rent

Centenant online property management Platform - Rent tracking

The rent page allows you to easily keep track of all rental transaction paid or unpaid. You can also re-send invoices or send payment statements of paid or half paid rent

Quick and easy access to all your tenants

The tenants page gives you a list of all your active tenants from where you can easily access all their information like contact details.

Centenant online property management Platform - Manage Tenants

All tenant details in one place

The tenant view page gives you all tenant information in one location; from contact information, alternative contact, documentation and rent information. This makes it easy to manage your tenants from one page without having to dig around phone books or papers to get in touch with a tenant. Convenient and stress free!

Centenant online property management Platform - View Tenant Details

Quick summary of everything

Your dashboard gives you a quick summary of everything you need to know or anything that needs your attention. From here you can get a good overview of your maintenance, rent and rent items that needs attention.

Centenant online property management Platform - Quick system dashboard
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